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About Us

Thanks for taking the time to visit the D.N.S website. I am the founder and creator of D.N.S and I would like to tell you a little more about myself and how it all began…

I have always been interested and involved in electronics. In my early teens, I would bunk off school and would go around to car boot sales with my late teacher, a retired electronics engineer. We would look for: old television sets, VHS players, radios, and other electrical equipment. We would then take them back to the workshop where he would teach me how to repair them. I used to love learning about all the different components and how they work together. He always used to tell me “unless you know how it works, you can’t diagnose the fault or fix it.” This was very true as we rarely had circuit diagrams! Once we had fixed the devices, we would then donate them to local care homes and charity shops. I found myself getting such a great sense of achievement from knowing that there would be somebody somewhere who had a smile on their face. And that it was a direct result of our efforts.

When I left school, I became heavily involved in sheet metal works and production engineering. I became very familiar with different types of tooling and machinery. This includes: CNC Press Brakes, Lathes, and Punch Machines etc. I have also done work with some semi and fully automated lines, which I was fascinated with.

I also love to create and build things. My previous experience and knowledge means I am able to design and build many items. These can include such things as electronic door child safety locks, gas bottle log burners, and off road dirt buggies. I’m very good with my hands, as most of my family are. One of my great Uncle’s, for example, was an inventor and he had many patents and great inventions, so I feel like it must be in the bloodline as my dad and brother are the same.

Since I was old enough to hold a gun, I have had a keen interest in shooting. I would go out with my dad down to the fields or to old allotments and we’d shoot old tin cans and metal wheel trims. In fact, I still have the pistol that my dad used to teach me. It’s an old Webley Junior which was originally my Uncle’s and is still in the original box. Wow, it’s practically a collector’s item now. Haha.

So, I came about making these night visions a few years back when I saved up to buy a Gen2 night vision to go on my daystate air ranger. When I finally came round to purchasing it, I was surprised to see such poor image quality. So, a few years later, I bought a newer type of digital night vision, and while it was much better, it still had pretty poor imaging, still lacked a zoom feature, and it was also a pain to keep on swapping my day scope and night scope etc. as I would do target practice in the day, and then pest control at night. Something had to be done. That got me thinking. What could I do?

I then came across the iScope – after I had made one of my own, ha ha – it’s basically an adaptor which enables you to mount your iPhone behind your scope, making it a shooting recording DVR, all with your phone. This inspired me to make a night vision that  also uses a camera behind the scope, so you essentially have a night vision that has all the qualities of a day scope, and no re-zeroing is needed. This is because, it uses the scopes reticule. It’s a win-win all round. In order to get the Add-Ons to the stage that they are at now, there was a lot of testing and reworking, trial and error. This took place over timeless hours, day and night. This, however, didn’t stop me from developing the product and thinking of new ways to make them better, taking field use, workshop ideas and innovations into practice. Up to now, I have built over 250 – and counting – night vision Add-Ons and spotters.

The spotters are a new product that I have developed from a conversation me and my shooting buddy had. It was after a nights shooting that we agreed that something else was needed to make the shoot time more efficient. Something that could potentially double our shoot bag amount. I built my own spotter around a year ago, to which I have developed and modified, putting all aspects of field, and workshop innovations and ideas together, and combining them into this finished product. I must add, having a lot of fun whilst doing so.

However, there is such a wide market for the spotter, not just for the pest controller or air gunner. I have sold many to different type of clientele, for many different applications. These include: farmers to check there cattle, security personnel, and nature watchers alike, to name a few. With the built in AV outlet, there is the option to plug in your own video recorder to play back that perfect shot, that rare peregrine falcon that you spotted or even as evidence for security applications, all whilst being in total pitch black darkness.

Please take the time to view the video links that show the night vision products in use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away via the contact form located on the contact page.

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